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Re: A Newbie...

From: Allan Goodall <agoodall@s...>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 20:45:58 -0500
Subject: Re: A Newbie...

At 08:32 PM 11/16/96 GMT, Thomas Payne wrote:
>I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a newbie to the list and Full
>but not the net or wargaming.

Welcome to the list, Thomas. 

>I have one question for the list (and I hope it's like the 40k list in
terms of 
>friendliness). It may seem rather minor, but hey....

You'll find the list pretty friendly. And I'm a big believer in there
no such thing as a minor or stupid question.

>When writing the movement orders in the box, what do you write?
>FREX, would you write the thrust, course change AND the direction of
>course change or something else?
>Do people use some kind of convinient shorthand to save time/effort?

I use the following shorthand: dt+a
where d is the direction, and is either S (starboard) or P (port);
      t is the number of points you turn (between 1 and 4);
      a is the number of thrust points of acceleration.

For example, if a ship turns 2 points to port and accelerates by two
points, the order would be: 2P+2. If a ship decelerates by 1 point and
1 point to port, it would be: 1P-1. If the ship accelerates by 4 points
goes straight, the order would be: +4. If the ship turns 3 points to
starboard but does not change speed, the order is: 3S+0. If the ship
straight ahead without changing speed the order is: +0.

I use this in my play-by-email game as well as face-to-face and it works

>And lastly, does anyone know of any good web pages where I can look at
few of 
>the models? I only have the basic rulebook. I'm very interested in a
set of 
>models I saw for a game called "Silent Death". They're acrylic, and
come in a 
>set of 48 for 12 UKP. I think the company name was "Combat Zone" or
similar. Do 
>they have a webpage?

I'm not sure about web pages, but Silent Death is a very good miniature
involving fighters and gunboats. Many of the Full Thrust players on this
list also play Silent Death. It has its own mailing list (I'm not sure
the address is) and web pages. Do a search on Silent Death or Iron Crown
Enterprises (the company that makes the game). I believe that Combat
Zone is
the name of the box set that only includes the miniatures.

A lot of people use the miniatures with Full Thrust. Since they are
aimed at
different scales, people usually kitbash the figures to make them look
capital ships. There is a new line of lead gunboats for use with the
Death gunboat rules; these work well as capital ships right out of the
blister pack.

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