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Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 23:04:26 -0500
Subject: Re: A Newbie...

>I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a newbie to the list and Full
>but not the net or wargaming. I'm a moderate painter, and like writing 
>rules/fiction/senarios for various games. I was only introduce to the
game 2 
>days ago, but already I'm beginning to like it's simplicity.

Greetings and welcome!

>I have one question for the list (and I hope it's like the 40k list in
terms of 
>friendliness). It may seem rather minor, but hey....

Friendliness? Noway! This place is torrid,

>When writing the movement orders in the box, what do you write?
>FREX, would you write the thrust, course change AND the direction of
>course change or something else?
>Do people use some kind of convinient shorthand to save time/effort?

When playing in RL we ('we' being people I play with ;-) generally would


if we wanted a given ship to turn 1 to the port and accelerate by 2, or


if we wanted a given ship to turn 2 to starboard and decel by 4.

When I run PBeM games I prefer the players to submit orders that include
the previous turn's heading and speed, the proposed movement plot (the
aforementioned '1P+2' or '2S-4' or something to that effect), and then
their new heading and speed. This is generally a sanity-check sort of
proceeding, to make sure what I have matches with the way they think
things are.   :-)

>And lastly, does anyone know of any good web pages where I can look at
a few of 
>the models? I only have the basic rulebook. I'm very interested in a
set of 
>models I saw for a game called "Silent Death". They're acrylic, and
come in a 
>set of 48 for 12 UKP. I think the company name was "Combat Zone" or
similar. Do 
>they have a webpage?

There are some out there, but I don't know the URLs offhand.  :-(

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