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Re: U.N. Troops in Stargrunt II

From: Brendan Pratt <pratt@m...>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 02:17:44 -0500
Subject: Re: U.N. Troops in Stargrunt II

John Crimmins wrote:
>	  We just got the U.N. Figs for SGII in at our shop, and I see
> they are armed with "IPW's".	From what I vaguely remember hearing
> somewhere, these are "Infantry Plasma Weapons", right?  Apparently,
the U.N.
> is operating at a slightly higher tech level than everyone else, and
> their armor/equipment is markedly better.  The standard infantry
> for example, is equivalent to everyone else's Light Power Armor. 
> the point of this is: does anyone out there have some kind of stats
for the
> U.N. weapons?  If there are none (and probably even if there are),
I'll feel
> free to make up my own, but I'd kind of like to see what other people
> suggest first.  Anybody?
>	  One other thing, while I'm thinking on it: didn't someone say
> 25mm Kra'vak figures are out?  We probably won't see them in the
States for
> quite some time; what do they look like, anyway?  I want some
> aliens!  I'm tired of space orks/elves/halflings, all those damned
> anthropomorphic animals, and the "Alien" clone of the week!  Will
these make
> me happy?
> John Crimmins

The UN & Kra'Vak figures were released in Australia at the same time
(about 1 week ago) - the IPW is an Advanced assault rifle (as far as I
can tell) and the Kra'Vak are "Predator" clones (and very good looking
figures at that) - they include a mix of rifles, missile launchers and
heavy weapons at the moment, and I am assured that there will be a great
many others soon.

 Hope this helps


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