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Re: Solitaire Full Thrust?

From: timj@u...
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 11:05:39 -0500
Subject: Re: Solitaire Full Thrust?

Scott wrote:
>Also, for anyone interested in programming starship combat tactics, 
>there is a game available called Starships.

Scott do you have a pointer yet? I couldn't find it on the WWW.

>Ever try Trek28, PRobot or CRobot?

I used trek73 that is based on SFB, text based game but it had a pretty
good AI 
enough to challenge you, horrid control system made it harder. All it
needed was a 
Graphical interface - now wire it up as a CGI program and you could have
a decent 
WWW combat sim. 

For Solitare games I either play 'schitzo' trying to forget what the
opposition is 
doing (it doesn't really work but is OK for practice), Using Borgs like
in the SFB 
rules (I can post a version if there is interest). For the Borgs I
created a set of 
random tactic and event cards to try and add a level of uncertainty.
Using Games 
Theory I reckon you could program a near invincible FT opponent as long
as you 
explained the rules to it.

Tim Jones
"Going against remotes is one thing kid, going against the living, well
something else" 

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