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Looking for a new home.

From: Adam Delafield <A.Delafield@b...>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 11:12:04 -0500
Subject: Looking for a new home.

Date sent:  12-NOV-1996 16:57:41 

I don't want to alarm people, but we have a problem.

This mailing list is now nearly 4 times larger than it was originally
intended to be. Now this is a good thing, and a sign things are going
well UNLESS it's your computer it's running on.

The list is beginning to get to a size where it effects the system here
at Bolton, eating the mail que whenever a message is sent. It could be
a problem in the very near future.

So I have to ask, is there anyone out there who can take over this list?
I know I've asked before, but this time it's serious.

There are roughly 200+ subscribers to the list, that's 150 too many.

We are	left with several options.

1.) Somewhere else can take over the list, lock stock and barrel.
It doesn't have to be a fast list, or anything fancy. Just something
that works and has capacity that won't be missed. (If I could fix it
so that all the days mail is sent at midnight, that could work. But
I don't think our mail server works that way).

2.) Someone can create a second list, and we can link the two. The
current list taking all uk and europe subscribers, and another list
taking the rest of the world. Just have the lists as members of
eachother, but with NoRepo set.

3.) Move over to a News Group. or something.
We could probably swing a vote for r.g.m.sf 

4.) Disband the list, and be left with r.g.m.m only

Problem with 3 and 4 is that not everyone has news access.

Take the above seriously. The list has grown beyond all expectations,
is in serious danger of becoming a victim of it's own success.

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