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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 06:40:51 -0500
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>Wellll... What is noise, and what is a signal? IMO:
>* Posts about FT (or DSII, or SGII) rules and house rules are
>  'signals'.
>* Posts about SF backgrounds are mostly 'signals'. Since FT is a
>  game which can be adapted to just about any background, discussions
>  and descriptions of possible backgrounds is relevant - especially
when they
>  go into the house rules needed to use FT for games set in that
>* Posts about today's weapon systems can be both noise and signals -
>  when they use today's weapon systems as a basis for speculations
>  the weaponry of the future, I think they are signals. Usually.
>* Posts about today's politics are noise... except when they start a 
>  discussion about possible game universes. Usually.
>* This is a 'noise' post.

Okay...given this table of criteria...who volunteers to burrow through
Jerry's FT-List archives and count up the number of 'signal' posts and
the number of 'noise' posts?


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