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Sa'Vasku Brain ships

From: Chad Taylor <ct454792@o...>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 00:05:44 -0500
Subject: Sa'Vasku Brain ships

This is the last type of Sa'Vasku ship that we have developed.	It adds
the last of the abilities (human type) the we felt they should have as
well as some other less standard powers.  We haven't come up with a
name for it yet.

The Brain ship (Psyker, Seer, King)

This ship fills the function that most human electronic warfare ships
fill.  It is capable of sensor as well as ecm abilities.  In addition it
has several other powers that are unknown in earth fleets.  The Brain
follows all of the standard rules for the Sa'Vasku as printed in More
Thrust.  The Brain ships have none of the non-standard powers as
in other posts.  All standard abilities are paid for at there lest price
with the exception of the Energy Pulse.  The Energy Pulse costs one more
point per range band to use (close:2,medium:3,Long:4).	In addition to
standard abilities the Brain (someone has to be able to come up with a
better name than this) cone perform the following functions.

	The Brain ship may act as if it has enhanced or superior
The cost for Enhanced is 5 points and the cost for Superior is 10.  All
normal rules are followed.

	The Brain ship can perform sensor jamming.  It may use either
individual or area effect.  To jam sensor attempts on itself
costs the brain ship 5 points of energy, area effect jamming can be
provided for 10 points.  All normal rules are followed.

Bio Stun Pulse
	The Brain ship is able to generate a form of attack that effects
the crew rather than the ship.	The Brain ship lashes out with some form
of Bio Pulse that is able to stun the crew of the attacked ship.  The
range of this attack is 12 inches and it costs 20 points to generate, it
can be "fired" from any of the two side arcs or the forward arc.  The
Pulse will hit a ship on a d6 roll of 4+ at ranges 1-4, 5+ at ranges
and 6+ at ranges 9-12.	The effect of a hit is worked out by rolling a
On a roll of 1-3 the victim is unable to use it Firecon systems (the
bridge was hit), on a roll of 4-6 the victim will be unable to make any
course corrections (accelerate/decelerate, turn, jump, etc.) on the
following turn (the engineering section was struck).

	The Brain ship is able to use its sensor abilities to deduce the
possible actions of an enemy ship.  On a turn the Sa'Vasku player wishes
use this ability he plots his energy usage as normal but does not plot
movement.  After the opposing player has plotted his movement, but
he declares it, the Sa'Vasku player may attempt to use this ability. 
opposing ship within 24 inches may be targeted so long as it has been
successfully scanned to determine all of its onboard systems (a "5" on
chart on page 6 of MORE THRUST).  The Scan will work on a roll of 5+ on
and costs 15 points to generate.  Each ship that is successfully scanned
must reveal its plot orders to the Sa'Vasku player.  The Sa'Vasku player
then plots his movement as normal after all scan attempts of been

The cost to buy as Brain ship is
	escort costs 6 pts per mass
	Cruiser costs 7 pts per mass
	Capital costs 8 pts per mass

That is about it for the Sa'Vasku from us.  We have some more stuff we
together for Sa'Vasku Starbases (Nests), but they aren't real firm or
playtested yet.

Chad Taylor

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