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Sa'Vasku Brood ships

From: Chad Taylor <ct454792@o...>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 21:30:10 -0500
Subject: Sa'Vasku Brood ships

After more play we have come up with several new (to us anyways)
ship types.  I thought I would post one and see what you all thought. 
idea is to give the Sa'Vasku some variety in there fleets.

Brood Ships (Mother ships, Birthers, Spawn ships)

This type of Sa'Vasku "ship" has specialized in the growth of various
types of Drone Pods.  This ship is roughly the equivalent of a human
Carrier/missile ship.  It follows all of the standard Sa'Vasku rules
all systems costing there listed cost in energy to use.  The exception
this is the Energy Pulse Weapon which cost on more point per range band
fire ( 2:close,3:medium,4:long).

The cost of this ship type is:
	Escort: 6 per mass
	Cruiser: 7 per mass
	Capital: 8 per mass

In addition to being able to spawn the normal Drone Pod type fighter the
Brood ship is able to spawn other Drone Pods that equate to other types
fighters, though at an increased cost in energy.

	Interceptor:	25 points
	Attack: 	30 points
	Heavy:		35 points
All costs are for a group of six.

The Brood ship is also able to birth other types of pods that seek to
targeted ships.  These pod types are able to hit with great precision,
often destroying specific systems of threat to the Sa'Vasku fleet.  The
Pod types are the Equivalent of human needle missiles and follow the
rules as normal missiles.  They cost the Sa'Vasku Brood ship 10 pts per
missile to launch and must be launched from the forward arc.

Still other types of small independent drone type creatures can be laid
by the brood ship.  Once they are laid they are incapable of movement
wait for an enemy ship to approach so that they may attack.  These Pods
are identical to normal human mines and follow the same rules.	They
five points per mine to lay and the brood ship may lay as many mines per
turn as it wishes to (subject to energy requirements of course)

The last observed capability of the brood ship is its ability to launch
small pods over a short distance that actually board and attempt to kill
the crews of the ships attacked.  These "boarders" may be fired up to a
distance of 6 inches from the brood ship and may be "fired" from any
The Brood ship may launch six boarders per 10 energy points expended and
these will hit automatically, though they may be engaged by PDF (etc.)
fire as if they were fighters.	Once they attach themselves they burrow
into the ship and roam the vessel attacking the crew.  Work out the
as per a normal boarding action with the boarding party strength of the
Sa'Vasku being the number of boarders that safely make it to the

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