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From: SimonC@d... (Simon Campbell-Smith)
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 10:51:05 -0500
Subject: RE: "real" weapons tech thread (was: cou

There is an infermous British government documnet dating from the 1950's
which says much the as you have written here. On top of this piece of	
paper a British Air Marshall wrote something like "Rubbish". Until we	
have computer technology capable of the same decision making as a human 
being then computers and robots will always have disadvatages such as	
they are predictable, vulnerable to electronic warfare and allowing   
computers to make decisions of life and death will be controversial
Wargames). Human beings can make decisions about whether to pull the   
trigger. It would be difficult to tell a computer/robot the difference	

between a landrover full of troops and a landrover refugees! Also a
pilot can more than likely identify targets of opportunity. I could rant
on and on and on..........................

Remember ask a Svasku,organic computers are best! And I've got one in my
head I think.

From:  FTGZG-L[]
Sent:  30 October 1996 12:19
Subject:  "real" weapons tech thread (was: coupla Full Thrust questions)

Adam wrote:

>Seen Janes Defence Weekly recently? The RAF say that the Tornado could
>well be their very last Interdictor. Future proposals for it's
>include a stand off weapon delivery system using unmanned drones
>from a Strategic Bomber/ Cargo Plane. The Drone could carry
>Bombs, Nuclear Ordinance, CLUSTER MUNITIONS etc.

The Pentagon is also working on ground robots that will detect/clear
mines and scan for chemical/biological weapons. They hope to deploy
them to Bosnia.

The USAF has been working for several years to "take pilots out of the
loop" as one official put it. He, an Air Force General, stated that the
current view is that piots are "obsolete" and are the only restrictions
on aircraft performance. Given the limits that a human body can take,
it's easy to see where this idea comes from.

There's an air show this weekend, so maybe I'll get to see some of
these cool aircraft close-up. :)

The Pentagon has been working for many years on "fuzzy logic" computers
that can play battlefield roles. At this pace, all those DSII crewed
tanks will be behind the times before they get built. ;)

"Go Steelers!"

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