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RE: Nimble Fighters and Very Nimble Fighters

From: Adam Delafield <ad4@b...>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 03:19:49 -0500
Subject: RE: Nimble Fighters and Very Nimble Fighters

Date sent:  5-NOV-1996 09:15:33 

>Mark "Indy" Kochte proposed rules for Nimble Fighters.
>The rules were-

>	For three points per fighter, you could have a fighter squadron 
>that can fire in any direction, regardless of how the fighters
>before they fired.

>	I propose Very Nimble Fighters, which are:

>	For four points, you get the same advantages as Nimble Fighters.
>As well, all fighter damage is reduced by ONE(except for a six, which
>is a full automaic kill).

>	What do you think?

You mean you'd need a 6 to score any kills, and then you'd score 2?

I don't think so.

I think the very fact that fighters must be engaged by specific weapons
is protection enough. If you want to make agile fighters harder to hit,
then I'd say Very Nimble Fighters can not be engaged by C bats acting as
PDAF, and ADAF can only engage as if they were PDAF.

Fighter to Fighter engagements should remain unchanged.

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