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Re: Armor

From: Brian Bell <103311.1205@C...>
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 22:25:26 -0500
Subject: Re: Armor

Thanks everyone for your great responses!

Here was my thinking:
  Level 1 screens on a cruiser size ship saves the ship between 15-25
points in the typical games I have run.
  Level 2 screens on a cruiser saves the ship between 20-35 damage
  Level 3 screens on a cruiser saves between 25-45 points of damage.
  Escorts have lower averages and capitals higher.
  This averages to between 5 & 6 points per ton. Cost average is between
cost per point. 
  Add to this that screens do not decrease in effect, and they are
omni-directional. And I limited the amount of armor a ship can carry.
  This is why I suggested 1 ton and a cost of 5 for 5 points of
Level 1 screen is 3 tons, costs 25 and provides 15-25 points of
(average). 3 tons of armor cost 15 and provide 15 points of protection.
5 tons
of armor cost 25 and provide 25 points of protection.
  If you have differnet averages for the amount of damage screens
absorb, I
would love to know (everyone has a different level of luck).
  What would you suggest as a good average for 1 ton? Remeber, they only
one arc, do not regenerate, and are usually gone by the time you have a
threshold roll.
  Someone suggested 1 point per ton (and cost of 1?). Would you trade 3
tons of
level 1 screens for 3 tons of armor for 3 armor points? Would you buy
level 1
screens that weigh 25 tons? While I disagree with your suggestion,
thanks for it
>>I would hate to lose facing with
armoring--that's the best part of this idea if you ask me. I love the
idea of
systematically pounding one side of an alien battleship so we can
finally tear
her guts out!!
  Armor facing adds a new component to combat--maneuvering to keep
your weak side away from the enemy's batteries and those pesky
  My 2 goals were to provide additional protection for smaller ships and
above mentioned tactics.

Brian Bell

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