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From: Brian Bell <103311.1205@C...>
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 21:08:11 -0500
Subject: Armor

Below are some armor rules I have made. I would like feedback and other
suggestions for armor. These do NOT replace the Kra'Vak armor rules.
These rules
are for Human or Sa'Vasku technology.

Armor Rules by Brian Bell
Tons: 1
Cost: 5
Provides: 5 points of protection in a single arc
Armor is purchased as other systems. For every ton of armor purchased
you get 5
armor points. These armor points must be applied to a specific firing
arc. When
the ship recieves damage to an armored firing arc, the damage is removed
the armor points first. Place armor points around the ship diagram
them by the arc they cover. Armor points tons are purchased just like
systems and apply agianst the tons that systems can use.
Armor is not subject to Threshold rolls. A needle attack ignores armor
armor itself may not be attacked by a needle gun/missile). Screens above
level 1
and/or a reflex field may not be used on armored ships (Not enough
access points
to generate that strength of shield). Ships that carry the Wave Gun or
Mount Nova Cannon may not armor the Forward section of the ship.
Total number of armor points may not exceed 5 times the number of rows
of damage
points a ship has in a given arc. Example: An escort may have upto 10
points in any one arc (max 40 total armor points). A Crusier could place
upto 15
in any one arc (max 60 total armor points). A Capital could place upto
20 in a
specific arc (max 80 total armor points). Armor points may be divided
the ship. (i.e. if you only by 1 ton, it does not all have to go into
one arc).

Armor is not as cost effective as level 2+ Screens, but provides
protection for smaller ships.

Brian Bell

"Five out of four people are schizophrenic"

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