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New Ship Record Sheet

From: pcaron%nhqvax.dnet@r...
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 11:13:07 -0400
Subject: New Ship Record Sheet

Hello All,

	I've just put the finishing touches on a new Ship Record Sheet
for Full Thrust.  For those of you who don't know, I designed a PCX 
version of the Full Thrust Ship Record Sheet a few months ago.	There's
a copy of it on the Unofficial Full Thrust page.
	When our gaming group plays, we use printouts of our sheets
in clear vinyl holders.  We mark them with grease pencils and erase them
the game is over.  One of the things we discovered was that the grease 
pencils were too big to use in the tiny order boxes.

	So, I redid the sheet with fewer ships on it and enlarged the
fleet movement chart significantly so you could write something legible
in them with a grease pencil.  I'm really happy with how they came out.
I reduced the number of Escort class ship symbols to three, Cruisers
to two and Capital Ships to one.  The movement chart has room for only
six ships now but the boxes are much larger.  Yeah, there are fewer
ships per sheet now but it makes it more useable for people who prefer
to use grease pencils.

	After doing this, I couldn't help but notice all of the empty
space to the right of the ship symbols.  I decided to put it to good
use.  I cut and pasted a bunch of fighter, mine and missile symbols
from the data base to the sheet in various sections.  When you drop
a mine, you circle the mine type with the grease pencil (we have four
types of mines in our group).  You don't have to write what type of
mine it is, you just circle the appropriate symbol and write in the 
big ID box the models id number.  Ditto for the fighters and missles.
I've also included endurance boxes so you can check them off when your
fighters/missles move.	I also have hit boxes for the fighters.  Useful
for keeping track of fighter sqaudrans strength when they dock for

	Finally, I included a "cheat sheet" box with the ranges and
rolls needed for various other weapon systems (alot of our own brewing).
I like how the sheet came out.	I'm going to put this on the net
soon.  Hope some of you find it useful.


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