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Re: Irregular Tanks

From: db-ft@w... (David Brewer)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 17:08:23 -0400
Subject: Re: Irregular Tanks

In message <> Andrew Cowell
> In message <>, David Brewer writes:
> > In message <> John Crimmins
> > 
> > +50% airmail, +45% if order over twelve quid, +33% surface, +25% if
> > over twelve quid (for U.S.A. and Canada). Supposedly add an extra
> > 
> > > Is there a U.S. importer?  
> > Yes, but I haven't the details.
> I got mine through Silver Eagle Wargaming (
> (Jacob Paul Kovel)) about a year ago.  

That's the boy.

> I'm not sure where the above figures cam from; 

They come from the IM catalogue. It's what you pay for shipping if
you order direct from Irregular to the US.

> I paid $3 shipping.  I doubt it was snuck into the
> base price (at 30 cents a stand of infantry).

Well, I would imaging Mr. Kovel buys in bulk at trade prices and 
gets them shipped by surface, or some such. Price for one Infantry
stand would be 15p + at least 25% and then convert into $, which
would come to about 30 cents.

Tim Jones compared them to Copelands vehicle and I must say I don't
seem to be as impressed with these as the rest of the world. For a
start they strike me as well oversize, and I don't like the surface
detailing. It does not seem to represent anything obvious, it's 
just irritating clutter. I have a few companies of CMD APCs and I
spent a certain amount of time filling in the surface detail with
miliput, because I thought it detracted from the miniature.

David Brewer

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