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Re: GZG order times

From: M.J.Elliott@u...
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 10:31:06 -0400
Subject: Re: GZG order times

Niall Gilsenan wrote:

>Has anyone got an idea as to how long GZG is taking to return orders at

>the moment?

>I sent an order almost a month ago and I'm just wondering if it will be


Niall, (and anyone else waiting for an order from GZG), Its only fair to

tell you that Jon is EXTREMELY busy at the moment. Several projects are
the pipeline and announcements will appear as soon as we are in a
to go public. Sorry, for the "cloak and dagger" stuff but commercial 
interests (both Jon's and others) are involved.

In the meantime, I am afraid that Jon's usual response to mail orders
be affected. Please be patient - he will deal with waiting orders as
as he has time to do so. I know this is difficult for people like Niall
can only get GZG products by mail order, but be assured that the reasons

are good ones - and will be worth waiting for!!

I have the same sort of problem. Jon and I communicate mostly by phone
I have found him extremely difficult to get hold of since he came back
GenCon, simply due to the pressure of work.

Watch this space for further news....

Mike Elliott, GZG

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