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Re: Irregular Tanks

From: db-ft@w... (David Brewer)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 18:31:37 -0400
Subject: Re: Irregular Tanks

In message <> John Crimmins
> Is there anybody out there who has seen any of the 1/300 Irregular SF

I have indeed.

> Some of the different sorts described in an ad in the most recent
issue of
> Wargames illustrated sounded interesting, and the prices seemed to be
> good as well.  

They were reveiwed in WI? Interesting, I thought WI had a no-F/SF
policy. I must investigate. Have they had an attack of common sense?

> I hate the idea of having to get them shipped from England,
> though; the shipping costs would probably be murderous.  

+50% airmail, +45% if order over twelve quid, +33% surface, +25% if
over twelve quid (for U.S.A. and Canada). Supposedly add an extra +10% 
for currency conversion, I would think that there would no need if 
using a credit card. It is not unknown for me to order from Irregular 
one day, and take delivery the next (It should be said that I don't 
live very far away from them).

> Is there a U.S. importer?  

Yes, but I haven't the details.

> And are the models themselves even worth considering?

I think so. Irregular Miniatures are cheap, cheerful and generally
have a certain amount of character. The modelling is usually pretty
coarse, often flat areas bear the impression of the sculptor's
fingerprint, but they paint up nicely.

It should be noted that Irregular also do C20 vehicles. This means
that unlike some ranges (CMD and GW) the vehicle actually appear to
be 6mm scale (because the sculptor has experince of how big real
fighting vehicl es are). Vehicles come in distinct "families" with 
APC and missile vehicles etc. using the same modified hull. Also 
they mix happily with Irregular's C20 ranges should you which to 
"low tech" trucks, bikes etc.

Irregular also do a medium vast range of 6mm scenery.

David Brewer

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