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Re: [DSII] Softskinned vehicles against tank guns?

From: Alexander Williams <thantos@a...>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 08:55:16 -0400
Subject: Re: [DSII] Softskinned vehicles against tank guns?

Rick Rutherford wrote:
 > ... That /still/ leaves the cargo DMG'd because its armour value is
> > equal to the sum of valid chits (0).
> Only if the chits are the same valid color, i.e. if only red chits are
> valid (like when firing a laser), then green and yellow 0's have no
> effect.

Hmm, good point.  If all the damage that gets drawn is of invalid
colours the cargo escapes getting DMG from military-class weaponry
(maybe that should be `vehicle class,' since really only infantry
side-arms are the points in question).

> GAH! Why make missiles even MORE deadly?

Because I'm a cruel and evil person with a missile fetish?  :)	Maybe we
need a new weapon, a GMS/VL (Very Light) that does only one chit damage?

> Not really -- SLAMs are hindered by their relatively short range.
> In the games I have played, SLAMs haven't had much impact because
> they get taken out early by lasers and MDCs when they stray away from
> their covering terrain.  If they stay in cover, then all you have to
> is make sure you don't get too close.  If you need to get to or
> their position, then they get flanked -- either they stay in cover and
> try to tough it out, or they go hide somewhere else.

So, you think that indirect fire capability for SLAMs wouldn't be
overkill at all?  One would think they'd like the ability to fire from
cover over intervening terrain with their ranges.  (360o turret-mounted
SLAMs start looking /tres/ brutal right about them.)

> Neat idea, but I kind of like the "everything that can go wrong, will"
> aspect of the Firer Systems Down chit.

Hmmmm ... I'll keep that in mind.

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