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Re: [CrystalMud] Silence?

From: Alex Williams <thantos@d...>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 07:42:55 -0400
Subject: Re: [CrystalMud] Silence?

> Power, Politics, Things That Go Boom? How could I turn *that* down? ;)

I figured that'd be part of the general concensus.  ;)	Why should the
players of That Other Game(tm) get to have all the fun, online?  :)

> I have no clue as to how MUD-battles would be handled, but the 
> interaction would be fun, particularly if espionage and diplomacy take

> a role. Also, in the same vein as RPG experience, would units go up in

> experience as well? That would be cool.

As currently envisioned, when the battle situation occurs on The Big
Map (basically, a planetary-surface map with hexts 500km wide or so),
the factions involved get together and decide when to schedule the
actual encounter so everyone that wants to be in on it can be there;
on the Big Day, they get together in seperate virtual rooms, the
system gives them the Units that will be in each Combat Group and they
array themselves for the coming battle, taking turns (per side) moving
Units just as in DSII.	Anyone on one side can move any Unit, the idea
is to leave it to the players to decide if its one Unit apiece, or
however they want to organize it.

The advantage of that arrangement is if someone goes linkdead, their
Unit won't be left high and dry, someone else can jump in and take
over 'til they get back.

As currently planned, espionage and diplomacy should be a fairly
intriguing (pardon the pun) part of life on FreeZone (the orbiting
platform).  Bring formal charges against opposing Corps, plant damning
evidence in their quarters, get involved in a torrid love affair with
an agent provecateur of the Evil Empire.  Enjoy life!  :)

See a previous post of mine regarding experienced Units.  I'm still
grinding that sort of thing through my head for specifics.

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