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Re: Fighter movement

From: BJCantwell@a...
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 21:40:49 -0400
Subject: Re: Fighter movement

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<< So, has anyone used any continuous acceleration rules for fighters?
 If so, how did they play? The obvious change of giving fighters an
 acceleration of 12", and keeping track of their current velocity,
 removes the simplicity, and I'm interested in seeing any 'nicer'
 ways of doing it. >>

We've gone to using the following system for fighters.	It combines both
systems.  Fighters move after all other ships have moved.  They may make
to a 3 pt turn at the beginning and halfway point of their movement.
 Additionally, at the end of their move, fighters may add or subtract
trust marker.  A thrust marker adds 6" to the minimum and maximum speed
fighter will move next turn  (e.g. a standard fighter with two markers
between 12" and 24".  Each thrust marker reduces turning capability as
 One marker restricts the fighters to  2 point turns, 2 markers to two 1
point turns, and three markers to a single one point turn.  This system
worked well so far, making fighters pay for maneuverability by
speed.	A variant I may try is to get rid of the normal fighter move all
together and just use thrust markers.  Each marker provides 6" of
minimum and
maximum speed and reduces the total points of turns (which are still
into start and halfway point) by one.  Thus a fighter carrying 0 markers
moves 0-6" and can make two three point turns.	A fighter with 3 markers
moves from 18"-24" and can make a one point and a two point turn (owner
decides which to take first).  Fast fighters add 9" per thrust marker.



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