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SGII: Units in position

From: M.J.Elliott@u...
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 08:23:45 -0400
Subject: SGII: Units in position

A while ago somebody asked:
>3.  If units are "in position" and they are attacked from behind, do
>still get the bonus for being "in position"?  If they attack a unit
>them do they have to get "out of position" before doing so?  (as far 
>as I can tell, squads have no real "facing")

And Adam Delafield replied:

>3. As you say, there is no facing, but if using a linear obstacle, such
>a wall, I would not count them as 'in position'. They are still 'in 
>position' for units on the other side of the wall. They would not
>have to get 'out of position' to shoot at the attackers, but would if
>wanted to charge them. It might be a good idea to come out of position
>jump over that wall.

>If the cover is a forest, or other non linear obstacle, then this
>does not occur.

It seems that some people think that there has to be some terrain
for a unit to get "in position" behind. This is NOT the case. p13

"As no area of terrain is ever really "clear", units may attempt to go
POSITION even if out in the open - this indicates the men are prone and 
taking cover behind anything that is available - small rocks, clumps of 
scrub, small folds in the ground or whatever."

A unit can go IN POSITION anywhere. A feature such as a wall or a forest

never gives a unit the advantage of being IN POSITION. The unit must
the action to get IN POSITION. If it does it counts as in position from 
_any_ direction - not just from the direction protected by the wall. A
will give protection against blast effects and if it is big enough will 
screen the unit from any incoming fire as hard cover. Whether the unit 
behind such a wall can fire over or through it will depend on its height

and whether it has been loopholed etc.

Mike Elliott, GZG

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