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Re: Mixed Small Arms Squad

From: Oerjan Ohlson <f92-ooh@n...>
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 05:50:25 -0400
Subject: Re: Mixed Small Arms Squad

On 12 Sep 1996 wrote:

(I wrote:)
> >It depends a little on the army. Stealing examples from That Other 
> >Company, Tyranids (with lots of various bio-weapons) or Eldar (with 
> Shouldn't that be That Other Company (tm) (after all we don't want any
> suits :-)

Depends - TOC can be different companies, depending on the circumstances
Of course, with the example above it is pretty obvious which one I
> >lasguns and shuriken catapults; both use the same power source, but
> >shuriken catapults need additional ammo) could have mixed squads
> >excessive supply problems... and if you go to armies with all-energy 
> >weapons, you could have the same ammo for all weapons - including
> >support weapons - and mix them freely in a squad.
> Bear in mind mixed small arms are only a problem if the different
> have different Impact Die types. So in the end it depends on how you
> the stats for the weapons concerned.

That's exactly why I choose lasgun/shuriken catapult as my example - the

lasgun has a far lower impact when it hits (but is more accurate, IIRC) 
than the catapult.

> >Of course, that's for BDS...
> Mmmm.... but of course it will all be generic weapon types since we
> want to infringe TOC's (tm) copyrights now do we? 

I don't think they can get a copyright for 'lasgun', really <g>

> Anyway, there's probably 
> enough in SGII already for you to work out stats for additional weapon

> types. The main emphasis in BDS reagarding aliens will be how
> "stock" alien types handle Confidence and Reaction and Command and
> (AFAIK at the moment).
> Anybody got any suggestions?

Not for SGII, no. My Eldar (well, the Survivors of Tel-Aearon Star 
City, to avoid trouble with TOC(tm) <g>) conversion for DSII plays up
importance of psykers - Survivor units have no unit commanders, but
units suffer the effects of leader loss every time a psyker is lost (in 
addition to the fact that the psykers are equivalent to army command

Oerjan Ohlson

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