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FT: Fighter scrambling and ship manuevers

From: "Okay, who put a 'stop payment' on my reality check?" <KOCHTE@s...>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 18:42:49 -0400
Subject: FT: Fighter scrambling and ship manuevers

Question for Anyone In The Know:

In FT it states ships may not launch fighters if they have performed
any manuevers that turn (changed heading/speed).

In MT, under the scrambling of fighters rule, there is no restriction,
and the flavoring of the rules seem to allow for ships to be in the
middle of moving and still launch fighters under an emergency condition
(ie, being attacked by enemy fighters), with a chance of some fighters
getting out, no fighters getting out, or the hanger bay being damaged.

When maneuvering, can ships implement the scrambling rule?

One other thought, one I'm using in a current game: if a mishap occurs
(on a roll of '1') it states the hanger bay is too damaged to launch its
brood of fighters (until the Damage Control crew can get there and fix
it up). To give this a little bite, if a mishap occurs, the squadron
associated with that fighter bay loses 1 fighter due to the mishap. If
Damage Control can get the hanger bay back online, the squadron now
consists of only 5 fighters.

If using pilot quality rules, the damaged/out-of-it fighter would belong
to a Green Pilot first, an Average Pilot next, and then an Ace Pilot.
Really, you shouldn't ever lose an Ace Pilot from the squadron due to
a mishap unless your entire squadron is composed of Aces...  ;-)

Eh, just some thoughts, and a question. We now return you to your
scheduled...whatever it was you were doing before you read this.

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     all those who wander are not lost.

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