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Re: [DSII] Online Conversion?

From: Alexander Williams <thantos@a...>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 04:54:57 -0400
Subject: Re: [DSII] Online Conversion? wrote:
> Call me Mike, please 8-)

If you insist.	:)

> Our general policy regarding computer versions of any of our games is
> we are happy to allow anyone to design and make available such
> PROVIDED it is purely non-commercial, that is, you are not going to
> any money out of it.

The day I'm paid for running a MUD is the day I drop my job with DEC and
take up a far better life with more online time and less stressful
events during the day.	:)

> Along similar lines, any play aids (eg crib sheets) may be freely
> reproduced or made available electronically by fans for fans PROVIDED
> in so doing it is NOT possible to play the game WITHOUT buying the
> appropriate rule book. Clearly if it were possible to do so, Jon's
> intellectual copyright would have been violated.

Of course.  The ultimate problem with a well-designed and simple
mechanical system: the sheets necessary tell you everything you need to
know.  :)  Thankfully, DSII is saved from that by the infantry close
assault rules.	:)

> You will appreciate that the above is necessary in order to preserve
> Tuffley's intellectual copyright. Remember that JMT is a one-man
> (yours truly is an unpaid volunteer game design consultant (cor, that
> sounds good!)) and he has to make a living and pay off his mortgage.

Absolutely; intellectual property is an important acknowledgement is an
important issue in the online environment, regardless of one's take on
the subject of copyrights thereupon.  John (and yourself) will be happy
to know that we intend to be a strong force for drawing attention to
DSII and FT with a recomendation that interested players pick up both
books to get an idea of how the results are actually worked out.  This
could actually /increase/ your profits and get him started on his kids'
college funds.	:)

[Unpaid volunteer game design consultant?  Egad, how do /I/ get to earn
that kind of title?  :)]

> Hope that helps,

Very much so!  Thanks for the support.	We'll be happy to have John or
yourself over when we finally bring the site up; I'll even give you your
choice of mixed units.	;)

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