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SGII Activations

From: M.J.Elliott@u...
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 01:04:03 -0400
Subject: SGII Activations

Recently Greg wrote:

>4. If a leader transfers actions to a unit and the unit has already
>can the unit fire again or just move.

Checked this one with Jon. The answer is that yes, the unit CAN fire
Transferring actions to another unit is effectively giving them _an
turn_ (thus satisfying the words on p16 about firing only ONCE per
Yes, it does make those leaders VERY useful - a good reason to a) jam
communications (as Jerry McVicker said) and b) try and take out the

Sorry, if this isn't clear in the rules. What we should have said is
each weapon can only fire ONCE per ACTIVATION.

Charles Thumann wrote:
>Hey, does anyone out there allow a single squad to activate more than 
>twice in a single turn?  i.e., a squad activates, then a leader
>and re-activatest he squad, then the leader uses its section action to 
>re-activate the squad a third time?  We haven't allowed this, but I'm
>sure if the rules specifically make it impossible or not.

Yes, a unit can be activated as many times as you wish provided you have

the senior leaders to do it. The example given on page 16 suggests that
company commander could transfer actions so that 4 squads get an
activation each. Alternatively, 1 squad could receive 4 additional 
activations!!! Of course, this assumes all communications rolls were 
successful. This in effect allows the superior commander to lead the
- but it makes him No. 1 target! Its particularly useful when you are 
trying to get troops in close enough to make a close assault.

If you like you can think of it as a graduated initiative mechanism. You

may be able to get all your units moving at once, but not every time...

It also highlights the fact that although we have said that each game
represents about 5 minutes, actually this is not quite true. Its
but not quite) a sort of "variable length bound" (where have I heard
before?) - sometimes an awful lot will happen in one turn.

Chad Taylor wrote:
>6. Is there a modifier for activating a squad (higher command to lower 
>command) if that squad is suppressed?

No, but if the squad is suppressed, it must use any activations it
to attempt to remove the suppression (it cant do anything else until the

suppression(s) are removed). Its the unit that is suppressed, the leader

can still OBSERVE and COMMUNICATE (receive as well as transmit).

Mike Elliott, GZG

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