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RE: Threshold Damage Cards

From: grendel <grendel@s...>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 1996 13:33:36 -0500
Subject: RE: Threshold Damage Cards

Hey rob I really like the idea	for the cards that you posted.	It seems
the most loggical choice for the cards because the cards themselves
don't target specific weapons will leaveing all of the other key systems
well defined on the card for that particcular card.  I also like the
fact that when I comes to weapons, the cards leave the damage to wich
weapon in the hands of the players, be it the controlling player or the
opponet and that will add some spice to the game .
One thing that I have a question about is how do you use the cards, I
may have missed that  in a earlyer post I don't know .	But would the
normal rules still apply for the threshhold checks i.e. for the first
row of damage caused to the ship would you draw one card and on the
second you would draw two cards and continue to draw an extra card for
each row  that gets damaged?  If that is the case then that might need
to be looked at, because normally on each row you roll the dice for the
checks and there is a chance for more systems to be damaged with that
method.  If someone can clear things up for me I would appreciate it.

Thanks Rick 

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From:	Rob Pruden []
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Subject:	Re: Threshold Damage Cards

Rob and Brian on threshold cards:

>>Deck size:  50-100 cards?  I guess it depends on how often you
>>them and the number of different results included.
>>Results:  Certainly a bunch of "no effect" cards...  I like the idea
of some
>>cascading effect cards such as "internal explosions, draw two more
cards" or
>>"catastrophic reactor containment failure - ship explodes!"  This adds
>>uncertainty and drama to the card draw.
>>Procedure:  One card draw at first threshold check, two at second,

>The main problem with threshold cards is that all ships do not have the

>same system. 
>"You loose the Wave Gun."-card reads
>"All Right! I don't have a Wave Gun! No damage!"-player response. 
>Either obscure weapons will be less effected by threshold cards (more 
>cards mention "A" bats than Nova Cannons, so Nova Cannons are lost less

>often) or "no effect" is the result (as above). If the if/then/else 
>option is on the cards ("Loose screen. If no screen then loose 1 PDAF")

>some systems will still be more likely to be damaged.	<SNIP>

Actually, what I had in mind was something like this:

Card examples:

	No effect (lots of these)
	Lose one weapon, your choice.
	Lose one weapon, opponent's choice.
	Lose two weapons, etc.	(less of these, of course)
	Drives damaged, 1/2 thrust
	FTL destroyed
	Lose one fire control
	Lose one screen generator
	etc., etc. (including the BOOM! and "internal explosion cards
mentioned above)

These results could be mixed up and combined if desired or required to
the probablities right.

Any other suggestions?


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