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Re: [FT] Scale in Full Thrust

From: aebrain@a...
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 101 22:52:21 GMT
Subject: Re: [FT] Scale in Full Thrust

> > > The calculated scale for FT in the Tuffleyverse is
> > 1000 km per MU, and
> > > 15 to 20 minutes per turn.

> Doesn't this make for small ships in the 
> Tuffleyverse relative to some other genre
> universes? A 250 Mass SDN would be 25,000
> tons. I've seen various ships described in
> various genres up to millions of tons. 

Yes, it does. A good comparison would be the mass
of today's aircraft, rather than ships. Which
makes sense. A fully fuelled 747 is what, 200 t?

> How much does a big carrier like the Nimitz
> or a battleship like the New Jersey or the
> Yamato weigh?

In orbit, very little. Microgravity and all that.

But seriously, a standard battleships of WW2 was
35,000 t, a big one like Bismark or New Jersey
about 50,000 t, and Yamato and Nimitz are both about

A far, far better analogy is the size of ships at
about the turn of the 19th century. The standard
"ships of the line" were about 12,000 t, with
protected cruisers on the order of 10,000 t, and
light cruisers something like 5,000 t.
It wasn't until the Dreadnaughts of 1905+ that
ships went over the 20,000t mark. (Sweeping
generalisation - there were a number of exceptions)

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