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Re: Cannon - What makes something Cannon?

From: aebrain@a...
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 101 02:48:32 GMT
Subject: Re: Cannon - What makes something Cannon?

> I mainly lurk here on the list, but in my own GZG group in Atlanta GA
> and here on this list there is talk of some material being Cannon or
> being Cannon.

Cannon normally refers to large calibre weapons firing explosive
> What makes something Cannon and who decides if it is or isn't Cannon?

What makes something Canonical;

a) - if it's appeared in print, in either Full Thrust, Full Thrust 2nd
More Thrust, Fleet Book 1, Fleet Book 2, Dirtside 2, or Star Grunt, or
as a 
figure made by GZG or their agents ( like Eureka).
b) If Jon Tuffley has said it Ex Cathedra, with [GZG-OFFICIAL] on the

Who decides?

Jon Tuffley.
> Seems there are a lot of web sites up that claim to be Cannon or at
> have Cannon material - who or what situation gave them this status?

See above. If the data paraphrases what's appeared in print, then it's 
Canonical. If it expands what's in print, then it isn't - until the
catches up, if ever, or Jon gives his imprimatur.

For example, it's Canonical that there is a minor power called the
Union - it appears in FT etc. It's canonical that the navy has frigates,

destroyers, light cruisers, heavy cruisers, light carriers and
fighters, as Eureka and GZG make these. It's canonical that the OUDF has
Bikes for a similar reason.
But the ship designs for the OUDF on the Full Thrust Shipyard and
aren't canonical; neither is the bacground "fluff" for the OU on the
GZGpedia site, except where it re-states data that appears in books.
Until and 
unless Jon Tuffley says otherwise.
> Our group of thirty or so players here in Atlanta are starting the
> of developement of rules and history material.  Naturally, I became
> about why some material created by others is and some isn't Cannon.

Cos Jon says

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