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Re: Flightless, and mostly Armless

From: aebrain@a...
Date: Mon, 14 May 101 06:43:12 GMT
Subject: Re: Flightless, and mostly Armless

> > >Make sure that you have a very very long stick before you try
poking too
> much fun at us Kiwis as we have a vicious long beak!
> >
> > Ha Ha Ha! Too bad they can't fly :)
> It's a sad day, now that New Zealand has lost its fighters.

For people in the other (northern) hemisphere, the NZ Govt very
recently decided that they couldn't afford to have a combat airforce
any more. Even though they had a profitable contract with Australia
to provide us with training sorties so we could defend agin em.

Considering the run-down in NZ defences recently, I think they'd be
better off either drastically increasing defence spending, or biting
the bullet and declaring unilateral and complete disarmament. Which
would be courageous, even though they're at the ends of the Earth.
They're pretty close to full disarmament now, in effect. Frigates with
weapons bought for them. No airforce any more. Mostly Armless.
<slight exaggeration>
Of course the soldiers they've got are really, really good quality.
Both of them. 
</slight exaggeration>

That leaves one to ponder: would a really, really isolated sector of the

tuffleyverse be armed to the teeth (vs passing marauders) or almost an
free zone (since they have nothing valuable worth taking...)?

Well it was an effort, but at least I go the thread back on

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