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GZG_OFFICIAL:_post-SALUTE,_pre-TRIPLES_info _post?.

From: Jon Tuffley <jon@g...>
Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 14:32:23 +0100
Subject: GZG_OFFICIAL:_post-SALUTE,_pre-TRIPLES_info _post?.

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UPDATE - TUESDAY 12th May 2015:

SALUTE over and done, and TRIPLES almost on us.....

Sorry about the lack of any follow-up news posts after SALUTE - it went
off very well, a thoroughly enjoyable day meeting a lot of customers old
and new and selling many ships, figures and vehicles! The launch of the
new-print FT LIGHT free rules went very well, and the big FT/BSG demo
game by the MECHWORLD crew was very popular!

After getting back from Salute and unloading everything, I spent a week
getting all the outstanding mailorders back up to date, then was going
to start stock production ready for Sheffield Triples when I was struck
down by a nasty cold which pretty much wiped out a working week for me
(it's not a great idea to be slinging molten White Metal around while
your nose and eyes are streaming so much that you can't see where you're
pouring it....). I'm well on the mend now, still coughing well but at
least able to work again, and I hope that by the time I head off the
Sheffield this Friday I will be back to reasonable stock levels on most
things that I normally bring to the shows. I've actually been able to
keep up with mail order in the last few weeks, so there is no backlog -
but please be aware that anything ordered from today onwards MAY not get
processed and mailed until early next week.

The main casualty of my lost time has been in getting the SALUTE
releases up on the webstore - rest assured they will be done as soon as
possible after I'm back from Sheffield.


This is the furthest North we go for a show these days, so if you're up
in that part of the country then please come and see us! The EIS is a
good venue, very easy to get to (come off the M1 at the Meadowhall
junction, follow the signs for the city centre and you'll see the EIS
well signposted on the left after a couple of retail parks). We will be
in the same spot as last year, in the smaller of the two halls used for
the show (the Badminton Hall). Hope to see a good number of people

Thanks for reading,


PS: as usual, please feel free to spread the word on this and re-post
the info to any sites and forums where you think people might be

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