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Re: Crusty Ship Codenames

From: Phillip Atcliffe <atcliffe@n...>
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 20:02:53 +0000
Subject: Re: Crusty Ship Codenames

On 21/12/2014 14:24, Roger Bell_West wrote:
> If you want to model the codenames on the NATO style, then syllable 
> count is significant. Typically a one-syllable name would be a smaller

> or less powerful vessel, so it's unfortunate that the Catfish and 
> Crake are canonically that way round. Also you'd want to avoid 
> three-syllable names completely, or reserve them for the very biggest 
> ships. (Dean, we can argue about how many syllables "Coyote" has, but 
> I think it's three. :-) 
 From (unreliable) memory, I don't think the other non-human races 
codenames follow the syllable count method, so we could probably forget 
that. Perhaps more to the point, "Cyclone" has a point against it 
because though it starts with C, the initial sound is a soft one -- C as

S -- and thus potentially liable to be confused with Sa'Vasku codes. An 
important aspect of any "radio" communication is doing one's best to 
make the transmission intelligible in spite of possible interference 
from outside, be it enemy action or local conditions; accordingly, I'd 
suggest all Crusty codenames begin with a hard C -- though, now that I 
think of it, that could cause confusion with Kra'Vak codes. Maybe the 
UNSC might be better off assigning new codes that don't begin with C to 
Crusty ships...

If they don't, here are a few that I thought of, with the help of my



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