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Re: Crusty Ship Codenames

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 00:14:58 +0000
Subject: Re: Crusty Ship Codenames


Hi Dean,

>The last 4 Crusty Starships released have class names (can I buy a
>vowel?) and UNSC Codenames in the online store.  The minis released
>before that just have class sizes.

Yes, when I released the last four classes I had a little bit of time 
to think about the background for them, so decided that they really 
needed names - the Crusties' speech is meant to be virtually 
unpronounceable to humans, because it's a complex series of clicks, 
whistles and hisses from their very insectoid mouthparts - the 
transcribed "real" ship names are the closest that human vocals can 
get to them, and even so they'd probably be very hard for a Crusty to 
understand... hence the need for human codenames, as we did with the 
K'V, the S'V and the Phalons.

I had meant to go back and name the rest of the fleet, but like with 
so many things it kind of got lost in the demands of other stuff that 
is higher up the priority list.....

So the short answer is no, I don't have any yet.... I can try to find 
a few spare minutes to give it some thought, OR you're very welcome 
to see what you can come up with yourself - if you do, maybe you'd 
run the ideas past me, and between us we can narrow down an 
"official" set!

All the best,

Jon (GZG)

>Do you have class names and codename for the rest of the minis, or
>you check your sources in the GZGverse future to see what they are?
>I would like to include them in the updated Full Thrust Fleet Resource
>page with stats and SSDs.
>Dean Gundberg

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