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Re: Official - GZG Christmas Specials now on!

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 09:23:59 +0100
Subject: Re: Official - GZG Christmas Specials now on!

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>Of course you mean 2013 for the vouvher expiry dates

Yes, typo now caught and changed!

At least this proves that some of you read this stuff......  ;-)

Jon (GZG)

>From: Ground Zero Games <>
>Sent: Monday, 26 November 2012 10:30 AM
>Subject: Official - GZG Christmas Specials now on!
>Our 2012 Xmas Special starts from 00.01 (UK time) hours on SUNDAY
>25th NOVEMBER and runs until MIDNIGHT (UK time) on Thursday 20th
>December. All qualifying orders (which are all those for over 30 of
>product, EXCLUDING VAT AND SHIPPING*) will get TWO specials included:
>1) All orders for 30 or more of goods at list prices EXCLUDING VAT*
>get a FREE GOODIE BAG of extra minis and stuff - how much you get
>depends on the size of your order, and we'll tailor most of the
>contents to fit the kind of items you are ordering (plus the
>occasional novelty item or a sample that might tempt you into other
>ranges and scales...). What goes in the bag is OUR choice, so no
>cheekily asking for particular things please, but those of you who
>have had our previous Xmas deals will know that we give you a
>generous selection of items that you can actually use for your
>Sometimes we put in the odd special or unreleased item too, so you
>never know what you might get....
>2) In addition to the Free Stuff with your order, all qualifying
>customers will also get a VOUCHER that you can use to get a generous
>DISCOUNT off a further order placed after Christmas - so you can get
>your pre-Xmas stuff now, and then use the voucher up when you have
>some gift money from all those relatives who have absolutely NO idea
>what to buy for you!
>This year, we've decided to make the vouchers valid for the whole of
>JANUARY and FEBRUARY 2012 - so the voucher codes will become "live"
>on the store on the 1st of January 2012, and any un-used ones will
>expire at Midnight on the 28th February 2012. This should give you
>plenty of time to use your vouchers after the holidays are out of the
>The value of the voucher you will receive varies according to the
>size of your pre-Xmas order - if you are buying from 30* to 70*
>worth of goods (at EX-VAT prices), then you'll get a voucher for 10%
>discount; if you spend over 70* and up to 150*, it's a 15% voucher,
>and if you buy over 150* worth then you get a huge 20% discount
>Each voucher carries a unique code number that allows you to use it
>for online orders. Each voucher is valid for ONE USE ONLY, and after
>that use the store will not accept the code again. Therefore please
>don't complete checkout or make payment unless you are 100% sure that
>your order is correct and complete. In the case of any difficulty,
>please email us immediately through the contact information on the
>* IMPORTANT! The value used for calculating eligibility for the
>offers, and the size of discount vouchers, will be the EX-VAT price
>of goods, which is the figure shown as the "SUBTOTAL" on the final
>order, before the application of shipping or VAT where applicable.
>Only orders that show a value of 30 or more in the SUBTOTAL field
>will qualify for the offers.
>Christmas dispatch times and ordering dates:
>Throughout the pre- and post-Christmas period, we will be trying to
>keep as much up to date with order dispatches as possible - but
>please understand that we can get VERY busy and some orders may well
>take a few days longer than normal to be shipped out. If there are
>any serious delays then we will try to let you know where possible.
>Obviously we are at the mercy of the postal services as to delivery
>times - but we would strongly recommend that international orders are
>placed no later than the first week of December if you want any real
>hope of them arriving before Christmas. We will continue to dispatch
>orders up to Friday 21st of December - after that date will will be
>CLOSED for the Christmas/New Year break, re-opening on Wednesday 2nd
>January 2013. Any orders received during the Christmas break will be
>dealt with as soon as possible after we re-open.
>Thanks to you all for your support and valued custom through 2012.
>Wishing you all a great Christmas (or whatever other festival you
>choose to celebrate around this time of year) and a safe, happy and
>gaming-filled 2013!
>All the best,
>Jon (GZG),  25/11/2012.

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