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Re: [GZG] [FT] Beam batteries as point defense

From: Eric Foley <stiltman@t...>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 18:38:11 -0800 (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Re: [GZG] [FT] Beam batteries as point defense

Well, as some others suggested, ships may well be flying past each other
at fraction-Oerjan speeds, and still are able to regularly hit each
other with beams, pulse torpedoes, and armor-penetrating cannons.  If
they can pull that off, there's not that much reason why a fighter
should be hard to hit aside from being a smaller, inertia-less drive
version of a ship.

This kind of suggests a different goofiness in the rules, though:  if
Kra'Vak can hit ships with cannons and humans can hit them with pulse
torpedoes and submunitions, why do guided missiles have to take pure
guesswork?  It's something where the "try to hit a ship at Oerjan speeds
by guessing where to put the missiles down" framework just doesn't jive
for me, when other solid projectiles that are completely unguided don't
have to go through the same process.  I wouldn't mind seeing these
things converted over to a "guidance versus ECM" mechanic similar to
what SG/DS use, and to see plasma bolts perhaps go with them.


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>Subject: Re: [GZG] [FT] Beam batteries as point defense
>On Tuesday 09 November 2010 01:50:21 Eric Foley wrote:
>> 3.  Human main beam batteries fire as class 1 beams
>> currently do in point defense mode per beam die (i.e. 5 or 6 hits
>> for one kill), without rerolls, at 1/2 the normal beam range. 
>Sorry, I meant to reply to this ages ago and got sidetracked.
>One thing that I have been thinking about, is whether this makes
>sense to be the other way around? i.e., beam batteries can fire
>at fighters at greater than half their range (or possibly, only
>at their most extreme range band, which allows B-1s to fire in
>PD mode).
>My reasoning is that the larger the turret, the less able it will
>be to track fast moving targets close to it. However, at longer
>ranges it only needs to move a few degrees to track the same
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