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Re: [GZG] [SG2] Sights and FCS for infantry

From: J L Hilal <jlhilal@y...>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 19:27:38 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: [GZG] [SG2] Sights and FCS for infantry

--- On Wed, 11/17/10, Tom B <> wrote:

From: Tom B <>
Subject: Re: [GZG] [SG2] Sights and FCS for infantry
Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 2:54 PM

> Weapon Sights
> I'm inclined to question the 'no sights' characterization.
> Shooting performance has everything to do with the overall weapon
> quality (not just the sights) and moreso yet to do with the
> shooter.
> I have quite a few friends who can hit man sized targets very
> accurately out to 500m with the 5.56N C-7 with iron sights.

"No sights" means *No Sights*.	John A. has several times mentioned
insurgents et al. who "cut the factory foresight off their weapon
because it interferes with sighting along the barrel".

The very next line in my post is "Open/Iron Sights = No modifier"

> Sights nowadays also differentiate into ones designed for
> shooting at range and ones designed for CQ situations.

My post only dealt with shooting as per the SG2 "Fire Combat" rules.  As
far as I am concerned CQB (Close Quarters Battle) is covered under SG2's
"Infantry Close Assault" (everything at under 20m range).
> Powered Armour FCS:
> If you want to treat them as vehicles, give them only FCS, no
> quality die. Otherwise you'll end up with an odd case where a
> VETERAN pa guy with superior FCS on his Gauss SAW will end up
> rolling D12 (FP), D12 (Superior FCS in your model) + D10 (QD).

I feel that the SG2 vehicle RAW do not give vehicle weapons their due,
so I would go in the other direction: Vehicle weapons with a FCS get
(Crew Quality + FCS + FP), while vehicle weapons without FCS (infantry
carried weapons without FCS), such as a pintle mount, get (QD + FP)

> Contrast this with a VETERAN tanker firing his vehicle's SAW from
> under armour:
> FCS (D10 Superior FCS or D12 in your Model) + D10 (QD)

I would add a D10 Crew Quality Die for the veteran status.

> Also note that typically in FT/SG as pertains to FCS: Basic is
> D6. Enhanced is D8. Superior is D10.
An internal inconsistency in the SG2 rules:
Pg 6 Dice Types and Conventions (Cont. from pg 5), 2nd Para.

"In very general terms, any factor (...) that is of BELOW AVERAGE status
will use a D6 as its normal die type; those that rank AVERAGE will use a
D8, and those ABOVE AVERAGE a D10; the real extremes of worst and best
will use a D4 or D12 respectively." (Caps from original text)

Then later in the rules the basic-enhanced-superior classifications that
you mentioned are given.
I have always felt that "Enhanced" was above average and "Superior" was
very above average. <shrug>

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