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Re: [GZG] [SG2] Sights and FCS for infantry

From: Tom B <kaladorn@g...>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 15:54:20 -0500
Subject: Re: [GZG] [SG2] Sights and FCS for infantry

Gzg-l mailing list Sights

I'm inclined to question the 'no sights' characterization. Shooting
performance has everything to do with the overall weapon quality (not
the sights) and moreso yet to do with the shooter.

I have quite a few friends who can hit man sized targets very accurately
to 500m with the 5.56N C-7 with iron sights. These are reservists, not
SF or
anything. Sure, that is 'range' performance, but my point is that iron
sights are quite adequate for accurate shooting at range if you have
eyesight, a steady hand, and a gun with a reasonable MOA rating.

Also, sights are a mixed bag. Zeroed incorrectly (surprisingly more
than you would think), they are actually a penalty to accurate fire.
also can have (such as the original sights on the SA-80) extremely dodgy
performance in mixed sun/cloud conditions (as one example). Beyond that,
they rob you of situaitonal awareness which can be quite dangerous.

IF you have good sights, and they are attached by to an accurate
and they are zeroed by someone (and not knocked off zero afterwards),
the lighting conditions are right, then you can get better performance
long range. (I'm talking particularly about optical sights, rather than
sights or ACOGs or other close combat stuff).

Sights nowadays also differentiate into ones designed for shooting at
and ones designed for CQ situations. The red-dot sights, for instance,
provide a lot of reticle lines for aiming at range nor do they tend to
provide much magnification. What they do tend to offer is a larger view
(more situational awareness) and supposedly you can shift from one of
to iron sights or point-n-shoot much faster than you can shifting off of
conventional higher magnification/more restricted viewing area optic.

Thermal is another interesting technology - helps you see what to shoot.
Usually doesn't help you tell good guys from bad guys.

Sights are also harder to use for the long distance shots if you have to
move much in a short period of time. You might be able to come on and
the 1.5-3x CQ sight during a movement (or in the brief pauses therein).
the longer shot through a higher powered optic is going to require more
to steady down your breathing, to get the quiver out of your aim, etc.

The quality die already integrates the idea of who zeroes their sights
who does not. So all you are left with is basic weapon quality and sight
quality, which aren't worth more than 1 die shift either way at most in

Cheap zipguns, crappy mass produced arms with low quality control, etc.
range die + 1 SHIFT (Open shift)
Normal quality modern military arms: no shifts
Top quality, highly accurized arms with very good quality sights and low
ratings: range die - 1 SHIFT (Open Shift)

Powered Armour FCS:

If you want to treat them as vehicles, give them only FCS, no quality
Otherwise you'll end up with an odd case where a VETERAN pa guy with
superior FCS on his Gauss SAW will end up rolling D12 (FP), D12
FCS in your model) + D10 (QD).

Contrast this with a VETERAN tanker firing his vehicle's SAW from under
FCS (D10 Superior FCS or D12 in your Model) + D10 (QD)

Much better to have the PA! Too much better.

Also note that typically in FT/SG as pertains to FCS: Basic is D6.
is D8. Superior is D10.

Tom B

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