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[GZG] WARFARE, Christmas Specials and stuff.....

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 22:10:50 +0000
Subject: [GZG] WARFARE, Christmas Specials and stuff.....

Well, another busy couple of weeks have gone by since FIASCO, which 
was a very enjoyable show at an excellent venue, and we're now 
getting everything ready for WARFARE next weekend (20th/21st 
November) at the usual venue, the Rivermead Leisure Centre in 
Reading. This is our last show of 2010, so please come along and see 
us if you can - Robin Fitton should also be there doing another demo 
of his GRUNTZ rules, so please give him a  look and try the game out.

Stuff has been flying out of the door by mailorder, and at the time 
of writing this all order dispatches are 100% up to date, but as 
always the week before a show gets pretty crazy with trying to make 
enough stock to take along - so while I'll try to keep up with 
mailorder as far as possible, please be aware that there may be 
little delay on some orders placed in the coming week.

Now, a number of folks have been asking if we are going to do our 
usual Christmas Special deals again this year - and the answer is 
yes, we are, and they will start the week after we return from 
WARFARE - so this time you've got a bit of a heads-up on things, and 
if you were thinking of placing an order in this coming week you 
might want to hold off till I post the details of the offers, which I 
will do right after next weekend.  More news soon, so watch this 

There are also some NEW RELEASES on their way at long last - I MIGHT 
have some of them ready (at least in small quantities) in time for 
WARFARE, if I get time to do the required moulds this week - no 
promises, but I'm doing my best. Whether or not we have any at the 
show, they will certainly be available for mailorder ready for the 
Christmas Specials. As to what they are, you'll just have to wait a 
few more days - though I will say that we're going to need a BIG 
lettuce and a good few gallons of cocktail sauce.....  ;-)


Jon (GZG)
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