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Re: [GZG] Gzg-l Digest, Vol 37, Issue 24

From: Samuel Penn <sam@g...>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 11:47:41 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] Gzg-l Digest, Vol 37, Issue 24

On Thursday 30 September 2010 10:05:10 Ground Zero Games wrote:
> If anyone has any comments or thoughts on these, or any other ideas,
> bring 'em on!

What I've done before when running Stargrunt games, was provide both
sides with a list of actions which gave them/lost them points.
At the end of the game, if they had a positive score, then scored
a victory. If they had a negative score, then it was considered
a loss.

If they had positive, and the other side negative, then it was
considered a major victory for them, and a major defeat for their
opponent. So both sides could claim victory at the same time.

Scoring factor for a game might be:

Side A:
  +1/enemy killed

Side B:
  +5/sensitive item recovered
  -3/air strike called

Side B is trying to avoid combat and can't afford losses
(possibly for political reasons), and has access to high tech
firepower (air strikes) but their overuse could make victory
come at too high a cost.

Side A might be insurgents who don't care about their own
casualties, and just want to inflict harm on the enemy.

For FT, points could be lost for crew (fighter pilots and
crew factors in large ships), which would encourage people to
pull out if they're heavily damaged (and discourage the use of
small ships as cannon fodder). I've rarely seen an FT game where
people pull their ships out of combat rather than lose them.

Different nations could view casualties differently, and the
scenario could then modify it. Have score cards for the scenario
type (raid on civilian shipping, planetary assault, scouting
mission), modified by the nation type on each side.

This sort of thing is relatively easy to do for planned games,
but is probably much harder to come up with standard mission
cards for pick up games.

And yes, I'm aware the campaign idea doesn't work for many
people, but I was just wondering whether it did have an effect
on how people designed fleets, having never done it myself.

Be seeing you,
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