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RE: [GZG] [GZG Fiction] Basic Street Fighting Manual

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 16:34:51 +1100
Subject: RE: [GZG] [GZG Fiction] Basic Street Fighting Manual


> I'd be thinking on letting the KraVak starve.

Assuming there isn't sufficient resources in the city to maintain
themselves. I'd say there probably isn't, though I hadn't said eitehr
way as yet as we're not 100% sure we know what Kra'Vak eat on Mars -
though we do at least know they're not photosynethetic ;)

> Even if you don't nuke 'em, you can ignore the strongholds
> and fight in an open war of maneuver. 

For the uneducated in the audience (namely me) how do you do that in
this situation? All the bits worth having (including the production
sites are all in the "built-up" areas) the plains are only just ticking
over and beyond mines there is little out there so I'm not sure what
you'd gain.

> You aren't rebuiliding those habitats any time in the near future.
> Non-persistant Nerve Gas or some KV-specific bugs might also be
> a better idea than little dudes with rifles.

The only stuff I've allowed so far is of minimal effect - arguing we
don't know enough about KV physiology. That approach may increase into
the future, but for now we do't know enough I'd say (based on the nod
nod wink wink level of information UNDIA seems to know in FB2 and pieces
like Karla's Kidnap). Bottom line we don't got no chice right now ;)

> If the intent of the street fights is to grind up trained troops
> faster than the KV can replace them, by putting expendable/replacable
> human troops into deliberately high-casualty fights, then it makes

That was the idea we were working on.

> Depends on who is doing the learning, and how responsive your
> equipment development cycle is to field feedback.
> I've seen a lot of new toys get fielded in the past 4 years,
> and TTPs change on a regular basis.  Same for Mr. Hajj.

Who learns fastest/slowest?
There is some capability of production and development on Mars so what
levels are needed?
What's a TTP and what's a regular basis?



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