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[GZG] Old Crow 15mm vehicles

From: "Brian Burger" <blurdesign@g...>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 20:26:18 -0800
Subject: [GZG] Old Crow 15mm vehicles

Gzg-l mailing list a test to
see if this place is actually alive, just sleeping, or
perhaps pinin' for the fiords...

Also, I got a small batch of Old Crow's 15mm vehicles as a Christmas
gift to
myself, finally going to primer them and start painting them this

They're very well sculpted, and the casting quality is incredibly good -
only bubbles I saw were on one cast of cargo - crates & boxes - for the
flatbed truck.

I got two Provider wheeled flatbed trucks, three Outrider scout vehicles
(light wheeled APC, basically, MG turret on top & sensor blister)
one Halberd Assault Gun (tracked, fixed gun, light MG turret on top),
one pair of Gecko wheeled scouts, and one pair of Gecko pickups. The
Geckos are sold in pairs, unarmed 4x4/dune buggy things, basically.

Old Crow just put a batch of new photos up, too -

The Outrider & Halberd use the same MG turret, and come with options:
the MG
turret, a light rocket turret, or just a plain hatch cover. The Provider
trucks come with two alternate cargo loads, large & small stacks of
crates/boxes. Old Crow also offers different versions of most of their
models, with differing propulsion methods - wheeled/hover/grav, or

The Halberd is also part of a 'family' of AFVs - there's a medium tank,
APC, the Halberd SPG, and (only in 25mm so far) an engineering vehicle.
of Old Crow mentioned in an email to me that the 15mm version of the
engineering vehicle is in progress, too.

In SG2 vehicle terms, the Gecko & Outrider are Size 1, the Halberd is
2 or 3, and the Provider is probably Size 3.

I'm going to get some photos taken, write a longer review, and stick the
whole thing up on my website sometime in the relatively near future.


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