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Re: [GZG] First go at a campaign - some questions

From: Claus Paludan <cpaludan@t...>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 21:42:31 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] First go at a campaign - some questions

John Tailby wrote:
> In our campaigns the organiser is also playing.
> Because we are playing on a map and all the ships are represented by
counters indicating their approximate size there is some information
about what is going on.
> We roll for initiative and then each player takes it in turn to move
their ships that impulse. because our ships can move a number of squares
equal to half their thrust, ships with more thrust can either move
further or hold off moving to await initial developments and then move
in later impulses.
> because all moves are visible everyone can play and you don't need
movement orders.

In this respect I will still go for the approach taken by Roger and Paul

, besides that the players will be from my own club, from another club 
as well as perhaps another friend living some distance from us all. So 
there will be no board as such for people to watch at besides the one I 
will make for them (probably in The Gimp or something).

> The main issue with having the organiser playing is that you can't
really discuss potential rule interpreations with that person without
giving away what you are planning. e.g. I wondered about using needle
missiles against the SaVasku power generators but did'nt want to tip my
hand to my Umpire /opponent. It turns out you can't needle beam SV
generators but its not clear in the rules.

I agree with that, but we have at least one other who can help out with 
rule questions so we should be able to stay clear of this black hole.

> The other thing to consider is how much effort you want people to
spend on managing their "economy", supply ships  and merchant fleets. if
you have to move resources on cargo ships you can then arrange convoy
type games, but the overhead can be quite large.
> We went for a simpler system where ships in supply can get repaired
and resupplied automatically, ships out of supply can suffer mechanical
breakdown and can't replenish or repair.

Somehow I would like to have the possibility of those convoy attacks, 
but the most important thing for me is to find out what the players 
want. If they don't care for resource trucking I'll have no problem in 
finding another system that works out, even if it means only having 
battles to think of.

> Keeps it focussed on the battles.

Truly an important thing eh ;)

With kind regards
Claus Paludan

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