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Re: [GZG] First go at a campaign - some questions

From: Claus Paludan <cpaludan@t...>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 19:16:25 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] First go at a campaign - some questions

Roger Burton West wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 31, 2005 at 02:40:52PM +0100, Claus Paludan wrote:

> I was aiming for a very basic extension of the tactical system rather
> than a high-level wargame...
> I should say I haven't used those rules myself for a while.

NP - they are easily understandable and provides a good base for what I 
have in mind. But if I understand it right it seems both you and Paul 
might have gotten the ideas from a battlegenerator from something called

Reason? Well if that's the case and we have to GZG players using it it 
sure must be good :D

>>* how do you recieve orders? Do you have a specific format that the 
>>players should use, and if so would it be possible to see it?
> I left this up to the players, but broadly it tended to be simple
> sentences:
> "Ships A, B and C are now known as Fleet Q."
> "Move Fleet Q to world J."
> "Repair the heaviest ships first."

Hehe ok - I can probably handle the same level :)
>>* How do you handle the umpire participating in the campaign? If at
> In one game I ran a Sa'Vasku invasion - think roughly B5 Shadow War in
> style, as the players had to decide whether to share information or
> accuse each other of having hideously high-tech ships. :-)

OK - my part would be as a normal (ESU) player. During my many years of 
roleplaying in a friends world with various characters the art of "My 
character does not know what I know" came close to perfect, but I guess 
this is still something that needs trust from the other players :)

> I'm fairly sure I didn't take anything from Paul, but some of my
> material (as far as I remember, the setup phase for the actual
> games) was derived from a battle generator written by "Reason" (whose
> material is no longer available).

Well to be safe I will just credit the both of you - both pages have 
helped me a lot (all though I couldn't find any campaign reports on your

page :D *hint* *hint*).

> For what it's worth I have no objection to my material's being used in
> this way.

Credit will go your way anyway - thanks!

>>I am still in the process of determining whether we should transport 
>>RP's from their extraction point to shipyards/homeworld or just make 
>>them universally available right away.
> The former is hard work to keep track of; the latter stops you having
> convoy raiding scenarios. :-(

Well as the qualified nerd I am I might think of developing some sort of

program to handle that, maybe even a system for the players to enter 
their captains log etc.. (and yes - I can see this thing go off in many 
different directions... :p)

With kind regards
Claus Paludan

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