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Re: [GZG] Threshold checks - how I do them

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 14:35:11 +0000
Subject: Re: [GZG] Threshold checks - how I do them

>On Mon, October 31, 2005 13:25, Ground Zero Games said:
>>  OK, this is just a wild, off-the-cuff thought - is most definitely
>>  NOT a proposal for doing FT3 this way, but just something to throw
>>  out to all of you for discussion! It is completely untested, mostly
>>  un-thought-through and quite possibly daft - but it just popped into
>>  my head while I was reading some of the recent posts on this topic:
>>  [I should probably be posting this to the Test list rather than the
>>  main one, but what the heck - it's not a serious "OFFICIAL"
>>  suggestion (well, not unless everyone likes it...), so let everyone
>>  have a comment!!]
>>  Count the number of systems on a given ship, and distribute that
>>  number of "C" (Critical) boxes evenly throughout the hull box track.
>>  Now, every time that damage reaches or passes a "C" box, roll 1 die
>>  if the score is 1 or 2, there is no effect; if it is 3 or 4, then
>>  TARGET ship's player gets to pick one system to be knocked out; on a
>>  5 or 6, the FIRER gets to choose!
>>  [Alternative - every "C" box hit results in a system being
>>  automatically KO'd - a die is still rolled, if ODD then it is
>>  choice, if EVEN it is TARGET'S...]
>The problem is that the firer then always chooses the reactor
>or something equally critical (can't remember what the
>effects of the 3 core systems were). If you only have one FC,
>then that could be a 50% chance of loosing the FC on the first
>threshold check (if loss of FC means taking the ship out of
>battle, then the firer is going to choose that).
>If you just have a set number, and set it based on ship size,
>even with the ship owner choosing, they're going to end up
>loosing useful systems after the 2nd check (assuming they used
>the first threshold to get rid of all the least useful systems).

Well, as an added wrinkle to letting the target player choose each 
time, how about still rolling on a simple table like:
1-2 = no effect, 3 = lose one DEFENSIVE system (Screen, PDS etc) of 
choice, 4 = lose one OFFENSIVE (weapon) system of choice, 5 = lose 
one Firecon, FTL or damage Main Drive (choice), 6 = one core system 
hit (choice). If there is no valid system available (eg: a 3 rolled 
and all defences already gone), move UP the numbers until something 
is valid.

Actually, from memory (as I don't have a copy handy) I think this is 
something like the way Starmada handles it?

Jon (GZG)

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