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Re: [GZG] dice and iris portals

From: Roger Books <roger.books@g...>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 15:03:05 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] dice and iris portals

Gzg-l mailing list everyone for
the pointers. I looked into all of them. The eBay seller
some in hydrostone but they weren't to my liking. (picky picky) I'm
going to
resin cast
some. Now all I need to do is find a reasonable size ring to start. I
have a
for a floor iris, the little ring that comes in stacks of CDs is

This will be my first original creation casting. I made resin cartridges
a friends
western costume, made the molds off of a 45 cartridge.

Artillery vehicles, Starships, I'm in a vehicle building mood. :)

Roger Books

On 10/26/05, Thomas Barclay <> wrote:
> Binhan:
> Not sure you can assume the case of one dice providing a single damage
> point should be
> excluded. That's a conclusion I believe doesn't have any evidence to
> support it in the
> initial problem case. So I wouldn't leave it out.
> But otherwise, we're in agreement. :)
> Roger:
> I think Fantasy Forge (same guys that do dungeon halls) do some 25mm
> for sci-fi,
> IIRC. I'm not sure if they have a separate IRIS valve. I'm sure we've
> a resident
> paper-products geek who could produce a good injet-able Iris valve
> could be put on
> some foamcore and them the foamcore could be inserted between hallway
> segments (or between
> hallway walls) as the bulkhead + hatch. If said nameless
> can produce a
> hatch that is closed, a little work with a penknife could also produce
> 'open hatch'
> versions. The cost would be cheaper than resins.
> Other places to check would be Armorcast, Old Crow (maybe?), GW, etc.
> Manufacturing one
> and then making a plaster or resin pour-mould ought not to be too hard
> either. Or coming
> up with a standard form and using some foamcore, styrene and/or balsa,
> could produce a
> number of them to a roughly uniform standard. A bit of paint, a decal
> two (things like
> steelplate wall textures or control panels, and voila.
> Also I-Kore (I-Core)'s Void line may have something.
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