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Re: [GZG] Initiative is it a game winner?

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 12:53:51 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] Initiative is it a game winner?

>From: "John Tailby"
>>  When you have fleets of ships where the size of one combatants is
>different initiative by ship gives the larger ship a significant
>advantage and favours bigger ship.
>You are correct.  There are a couple of ways of dealing with this:
>a) adjust the point value and use Combat Point Value instead of
>standard NPV:
>CPV = NPV - TMF + (Adjusted TMF)^2 / 100
>"Adjusted TMF" is after subtracting non-combat systems, eg hangers,
>passenger berths, holds, and any PTorps on Indy's ships.
>Example: a mass 50 CE , 175NPV has CPV = 175 - 50 + (50^2/100) = 150
>A mass 200 SDN, 700 NPV including one fighter bay, would be 700 - 200
>+((200-9)^2/100) = 865
>(both of these assume I've done the arithmetic correctly -- not
>So instead of pitting four CL against one SDN for 700 points on a
>side, you should really bring more like six CLs.
>b) tamper with the initiative system. Use simultaneous fire, for
>instance.  Or have each ship roll a d6 for its place in the firing
>sequence.  Ships which roll a 1 fire first (and simultaneously with
>all other ships that roll 6's); surviiving ships that roll an
>initiative 2 fire next, and so forth.
>If you're using Crew Quality rules, then you can roll using the ship's
>Quality die instead of just a d6.

 From an [OFFICIAL] point of view, I'd echo Laserlight's comments 
here. For single-ship duels or similar very small engagements, it is 
a good idea to use simultaneous application of damage, or for 
many-on-few battles the idea of rolling an initiative number for each 
ship and then firing in that order is an excellent option. The basic 
rule of alternating fire after one initiative roll is designed for 
"standard" games where each side has a moderate number of ships of 
varying sizes, and for this it works well, but don't be afraid to 
change it for an alternative system if it better suits your playing 

Jon (GZG)

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