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Re: [GZG] Some easy Dirtside questions

From: Samuel Penn <sam@g...>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 11:36:09 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] Some easy Dirtside questions

On Monday 24 October 2005 17:19, Ryan Gill wrote:
> At 5:10 PM +0100 10/24/05, Samuel Penn wrote:
> >Having played Dirtside for the first time for real, we managed to
> >finish the game still a bit confused over a couple of the rules.
> >
> >Damage effects: What happens to a vehicle which is damaged twice?
> >Is it destroyed, or do subsequent damage results have no effect?
> I've always assumed it was a null value.

That's what we assumed in the game, and seems to be what the rules
mean, however I'm leaning more towards it being counted as a kill.

> >Mobility hits: Can these be repaired in the same way as a systems
> >failure?
> Yep. Helps to have an ARV nearby to increase the speed of the

Looks like we have dissension in the ranks, since CS Renegade
claims otherwise...

> >Vehicle repair: Does an attempt to repair a systems failure count
> >as an action, or do you get a 'free' roll at the start of each
> >activation (i.e., can you fire in the same turn that your systems
> >were fixed)?
> Nope, it's that element's combat action. The other three elements (or
> ever you have in a troop/platoon) in that platoon can do other things.
> gets 1 combat action, fire, call artillery, etc.

We played otherwise (used to FT I guess), though it makes sense that
the crew need to take time out to repair it. We did end up with a
tank driving around with the rest of the unit, waiting for its systems
to come online again.

> >Close assault: Can a vehicle initiate a close assault in an urban
> >area? If so, do they have to make reaction tests like infantry does?
> I believe that vehicles make a reaction test as well. I seem to recall
> different entry for them on the reaction test chart.

Can't see an entry for them, unless you mean on p22. The reaction
tests on p23 split vehicles and infantry for all the tests except
for close assault, where it just lumps them together as 'units'.
This does seem to suggest both are treated the same.

> >The rules about close assault always seem to specify vehicles
> >supporting infantry, rather than vehicles by themselves, though it
> >also doesn't say that they can't.
> Vehicles can be close assaulted as well.


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