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From: "B Lin" <lin@r...>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 09:52:35 -0600
Subject: RE: [GZG] laser classes

Gzg-l mailing list a rare
event, but the rules themselves aren't broken.	It
would be like winning Powerball (odds of 1 in 150 million) and saying
that everyone should buy a ticket because it's so easy to win.	Streaks
of luck happen, but it doesn't mean the rules are broken.  Otherwise
casinos would not be in business long.

You need to examine the statistics of the situation - 2 class 1 beams
rolling about 16-17 6's in a row, the theoretical odds are 1 in 1.69 to
the 13th power or 16,900,000,000,000 - far more than the odds of winning
Powerball or the Earth getting wiped out by an asteroid.  The more
likely scenario is that your opponent wasn't using purely random dice
(dice, even correctly manufactured dice are known to have biases, which
can be easily proven by rolling them 100+ times and recording how many
times each number comes up) or using techniques (low hand rolling,
practiced dice rotation etc) to increase the chances of rolling sixes.
For instance if the dice are biased or rolling techniques used that
increase the chance of rolling a six to 1 in 3, then the odds drop to 1
in 13,046,721 - a vast decrease in chances.

You need to examine all the factors that caused the aberrant situation,
rather than just picking what seems convenient.  Possible solutions
before a rule change - require people to use standard dice or allow
everyone to use the same set of dice (therefore giving everyone the same
chances), eliminate dice rolling techniques by requiring the use of dice
rolling towers or by mandating people roll dice into a box a couple of
feet away a la Las Vegas so that they can not just drop or easily roll
the dice in a controlled manner.

The re-roll rule is in place to simulate the extremely low probability
outcomes ( a la Star Wars, a single Proton torpedo shot destroying a
mega (Beva?) ton space station) that people like to occasionally see.
Obviously it sucks when you are on the receiving end, but it does add
flavor, otherwise a giant ship like a DN is never going to lose to the
smallest classes of ship like DE's, DD's and frigates.



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Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2005 2:19 PM
Subject: [GZG] laser classes

what a week for my nac fleet, i have a problem with 2 class 1 laser's
doing a total of 19pts of damage in one turn  ,  thanks to rerolls, so
with my group I'm bringing in the rule class 1's get one reroll, class
2's get two and class 3's get three etc etc etc. I know what your
thinking bad sportsmanship but	it works both way's ,  my nsl fleet with
all there lasers are that bad thanks to my rerolls that the fse player
took off all his missile launcher's and gave them armour and weapons
upgrades and screens, so at the moment I'm wondering , equal pt's
battles don't seem to work well with some fleet's , of course I've taken
into account luck with rolling , but the worst fleet I play against is
the U.N.S.C man I blame bab5 for the graser's they tear me up badly, and
it takes that long to get into class three range with movement 4 and 2 ,
and there missiles are dam right lethal, so finally I get to my pt,I
know that somefleet's are meant to be state of the art, and that some
are meant to be just in a bad state, but are we risking  reason why we
play full thrust, so as we can	power game  the fleets eg, my fleet has
class 3 laser's , so he buy's a fleet with class 4's, it just seem's to
me any fleet played right of course, should be able to take on any other
fleet with the same chance of winning. well that's my whinge over were
about to test the ISLAMIC FED  fleet we just downloaded , so well put it
up against all four major factions and the unsc, will do a rule for
suicide ships eg , were gunna die so lets ram lads.

bye for now james, 

p.s just spoke to god, he said the hurricanes are our work, hope
everyone's ok.

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