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RE: [GZG] Converting 25mm Resin vehicles

From: "McClure, Kent" <kent.mcclure@l...>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 13:33:48 -0700
Subject: RE: [GZG] Converting 25mm Resin vehicles

Gzg-l mailing list can get diamond
plate from Plastruct.  They've got 6 different
styles in HO, some in O scale (1/48th) but don't know exactly how many.
Might have some in other scales to boot

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	So maybe just skip the resin pour.  Cut it with a backsaw
(handtool woodworking 
	is another hobby so I'm set there) or my mitre box.  Glue on
polystyrene sheets 
	that look like diamondplate if I can find them.  Attach a RAM
mortar launcher and
	Then, when that's done I get to convert some 1/300 Wombats.  
	On 10/17/05, Adrian Johnson <> wrote:

		Hi Roger,
		>My thought was to fill the void with a resin pour.
Then I would cut the
		>troop compartment off and carve the cutoff surfaces.
		Too much effort.  Martin pointed out using an epoxy
putty.	That would be 
		much less effort.
		I'd consider doing it with plasticard also.
		>Is this the best way to go about it or should I make a
mold of the wombat
		>and fill in the parts I don't want with modelling clay?

		Far more effort than it is worth... unless you want more
than one of them.
		>If I do the hack and grind method what is the best way
to cut resin?
		Hand saw.  Maybe in a mitre box or a bench vice or
something like that. 
		You could try using a "micro saw" (hand saw with very
fine tooth - Xacto
		makes them - but I've found they take forever to cut
through anything
		except thin plasticard and styrene plastic parts)
		>   Will a hot-wire cutter cut it?
		No.  Not any of the common hobby-type hot wire cutters,
anyway.  I have a
		couple of hand held models and my friend has a "table"
model, and none of
		those would do resin.  They're designed for blown-foam
material, not for 
		something as solid as a big block of resin.
		>  handsaw?  I'd think a circular saw would be a bit
		Probably, yes.
		You could do it with a band saw if you had one that was
precise.  Maybe a
		table mounted reciprocating saw (jig saw?) or scroll
saw, but I suspect all
		of those might cut out more material than you'd want.
		And that assumes you have a band saw sitting around...
		>Can I carve it with a wood-burning tool or will I need
to use a dremel? 
		Dremel, and a light touch.
		Good luck!
		ps - careful of fumes if you use anything that will
cause the material to
		get hot, like a dremel.  And wash your hands well
afterwards...  (and wash 
		the resin well beforehand, with dish detergent and a
scrubbing brush of
		some kind - but you probably know that already...)
		Gzg-l mailing list

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