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Re: [GZG] Converting 25mm Resin vehicles

From: Adrian Johnson <adrian.johnson@s...>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 15:20:56 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] Converting 25mm Resin vehicles

Hi Roger,

>My thought was to fill the void with a resin pour.  Then I would cut
>troop compartment off and carve the cutoff surfaces.

Too much effort.  Martin pointed out using an epoxy putty.  That would
much less effort.

I'd consider doing it with plasticard also.

>Is this the best way to go about it or should I make a mold of the
>and fill in the parts I don't want with modelling clay?

Far more effort than it is worth... unless you want more than one of

>If I do the hack and grind method what is the best way to cut resin?

Hand saw.  Maybe in a mitre box or a bench vice or something like that.

You could try using a "micro saw" (hand saw with very fine tooth - Xacto

makes them - but I've found they take forever to cut through anything 
except thin plasticard and styrene plastic parts)

>   Will a hot-wire cutter cut it?

No.  Not any of the common hobby-type hot wire cutters, anyway.  I have
couple of hand held models and my friend has a "table" model, and none
those would do resin.  They're designed for blown-foam material, not for

something as solid as a big block of resin.

>  handsaw?  I'd think a circular saw would be a bit much.

Probably, yes.

You could do it with a band saw if you had one that was precise.  Maybe
table mounted reciprocating saw (jig saw?) or scroll saw, but I suspect
of those might cut out more material than you'd want.

And that assumes you have a band saw sitting around...

>Can I carve it with a wood-burning tool or will I need to use a dremel?

Dremel, and a light touch.

Good luck!


ps - careful of fumes if you use anything that will cause the material
get hot, like a dremel.  And wash your hands well afterwards...  (and
the resin well beforehand, with dish detergent and a scrubbing brush of 
some kind - but you probably know that already...)

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