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Re: [GZG] maximum possible thrust

From: Robert N Bryett <rbryett@m...>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 15:14:22 +1000
Subject: Re: [GZG] maximum possible thrust

In my FT universe there is no FTL equivalent to radio, and  
communication between systems relies on Message Sloops. When  
designing my "Hermes" class sloops, I quickly discovered that one  
runs into interesting threshold and rounding effects with low mass/ 
high thrust-factor ships under the FB1/FB2 design rules.

Class Name: Hermes
Classification:Message Sloop (Popular with smugglers too?)
Displacement:2400 Tonnes [MASS Factor 24]
Hull Type:Fragile [Hull Integrity 2]
Crew:1 officer, 2 ratings [Crew Factor 1] (Civ crew level; Who'll get  
a chance to do any damage control anyway?)
Defences:None (Speed?)
Sensor Suite:Standard sensors
Drive Systems:Main Drive Rating:16 FTL (Jump) Capable
Cargo/Passenger Space:1

By dropping the Cargo/Passenger capacity, I could take the thrust  
rating up to 17, but then there was no mass left over for ANY other  
system, and I think (by all means correct me!) that's the practical  
limit for an FTL ship. Beyond that the minimum mass required for FTL  
drive and hull integrity start to get in the way.

The cargo space can be replaced with Enhanced Sensors to make a recce  
ship ("Argus" class), but if you want Superior Sensors (mass 2) then  
the thrust rating has to come down to 15

Incidentally, I don't think Laserlight's "Night Music" class is  
"legal" on a TMF of 19:

Hull Integrity 2 (10% TMF rounded up)
FTL Drive      2 (10% TMF rounded up)
Thrust-16     15 (80% TMF rounded down)

Adds up to 19 mass without the Enhanced Sensors. Add 1 to TMF for the  
sensors, and rounding takes the mass required for the thrust rating  
up to 16 so it still won't work. I think you'd need a minimum TMF of  
23 to fit everything in.

To train ourselves in vector movement, we messed about with inter- 
system through-the-gates "yacht racing". Assuming minimum hulls, FTL  
drives and *no* extra mass systems, maximum thrust ratings for TMF  
classes come out something like this:

Class? TMF Thrust Hull Boxes

Club	 3	9	   1 (Probably designed by some 22nd century  
Colin Chapman...)
	  4	12	    1
	  5	13	    1
	  6	14	    1
F3	 7     15	   1
F2	 8-10  16	   1
F1	11-14  17	   1
NASCAR	15-23 <17	   2  (Lardy, and can't even support 17  
thrust because rounding takes hull
				boxes up to 2, so what's the point?)
Le Mans 24     17	   2

So, I *think* 17 is the maximum possible thrust rating for an FTL- 
capable ship. A non-FTL ship can go up to thrust 18, and I think  
that's it. Thrust 19 would require 95% TMF, not leaving enough mass  
for the minimum hull. Mind you, such massively powered ships might  
not actually be very useful or fun, even on a big table. We played  
around with "Catch The Smuggler." and "Bad guys drop into the system;  
Can they stop the message sloop escaping to bring help?" scenarios,  
but they weren't that great.

Best regards, Robert "I feel the need; The need for speed!" Bryett

On 16/10/2005, at 11:52 PM, Laserlight wrote:
> Here are a couple of variants:
> Night Vision	class Reconnaissance Frigate
> TMF 19
> Hull Integrity 2
> Armament: none
> Defenses: Stealth-2
> Sensors: Superior sensors
> Drives: Thrust 12, FTL
> Night Music class Recon Frigate
> as above but delete Stealth, replace Superior sensors with Enhanced,
> increase Thrust to 16

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