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Re: [GZG] Re: More beta ships (Ken Wang)

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Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 03:16:32 EDT
Subject: Re: [GZG] Re: More beta ships (Ken Wang)

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I didn't know you (Roger) were working on the Japanese Faction. I  also 
created SSDs for the Japanese and placed them on the Full Thrust 
Yahoogroup site. 
I had talked to Vince about the Japanese. BTW, nice write up,  I thought
would be more "corporate" as well. I think my vision had them  really
far over 
to a corporate government almost guild house-esque. My designs	were
Torp centric and use of Mecha-fighters. I have mulled over the	rules
for Mecha 
and would love to discuss them. Regarding the IJN or IJSF,  Kaigun
to Navy, but literally, it translate to "ocean force" or  "ocean
group". Since, I'm not Japanese nor am I fluent, my attempt  was
Uchuugun" or Imperial Space Force with "Japan" being implied.  Anyone
have the DVDs 
for Star Blazers? Maybe some hints there. Like I said,	I'm not fluent,
so I 
don't know if "Uchuugun" even makes sense. I find this	fascinating, in
there does not appear to be as much motivation for  working ! on other
(think that the minis may something to do with	that). I have also
worked on 
second generation OUDF ships, something  that is a little more refined
than what 
the minis are. Just wanted to share my	thoughts. - Ken

Personally, I was thinking adapting between the original japanese show	
Macross and Star Blazers. After all, Macross predates Robotech and was
the first  
to use the MECHA fighter idea. Ad Star Blazers, ues I have the entire
and several movies. Uses the spinal weapon..

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